主题:死亡德古拉亚伯拉罕·范海辛 页数:1(346个字) 发布时间:2015年4月21日
Ashley McHone
1.为什么要杀死露西,米娜,或任何其他的吸血鬼都被认为是安乐死的仁慈的行为?他们正在成为怪物,他们不想伤害任何人。通过杀死他们,你是把他们脱离苦难。安乐死是仁慈杀人。杀死一个吸血鬼,你不仅阻止他们,因为他们变成什么样。痛苦和防止他们的未来受害者的痛苦。2.解释地貌与骨相之间的差异。本相是他们的面部结构,确定一个人的特点的做法。颅相学是决定基于他们在大脑特定部位具有的空间量一个人的特点的做法。3.如何诗“Totentanz”代表在歌德的作品中反复出现的主题,人类不应该与超自然的活动染指?(恰好男方在首诗怎么样?)的看守拾起骨架罩之一,使骨骼不会回去的坟墓和其他人一样。 The skeleton chases him up to the bell tower and just as he was about to kill him, god saved the warder. The skeleton crashes down into pieces. 4. Which vampire hunter has died during the mission to kill the Count? How do Jonathan and Mina honor this deceased character? Quincy was very injured and died. He lived long enough to see Dracula live, though. Jonathan and Mina honors Quincys death by naming their son Quincy. 5. What do you think a man should look like, sound like, and behave like if he is going to play the role of Count Dracula in a film or a play? I think that his voice has to be smooth, soothing, and very seducing. His hair has to be black and be in great contrast to pale skin. The eyes are very Important. They have to be piercing yet beautiful. He must behave sly yet be very polite. In order to play the role...



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