话题:卡瓦高血压2005年的电影 页面:4(1567字) 发布:2008年7月31日
在风中阅读新颖的巢穴之后:由Martha C.病房写的热带岛屿上的人类学冒险,我了解了一个岛上的文化,这些文化与我们的许多方式有多不同但相似。该岛的气候热带降雨量。该岛被称为“热带天堂”。病房是一位女性人类学家去这个岛屿学习其居民。她关注的一些地区是家庭,宗教,性别,传统,经济学,政治,医学,死亡,资源和日常活动。沃德方法尽可能准确地获得这些信息是居住在Pohnpeians中。她参与了他们的文化和社区。她甚至不需要在他们的社会中获得的。她和她的丈夫住在锡小屋,了解的习俗和举止。他们被迫做日常琐事,发现食物学习语言,成为社会的积极部分,当时第一次到达他们几乎没有想到什么预期。 They went for information and what they got was a life changing experience. Their study is one of the few done on the traditional way of Pohnpei life recording everything from chores to beliefs. One Major belief in Pohnpei is sorcery. During her visit to the Island, Martha Ward and her husband hear many traditions and beliefs. One of these beliefs is sorcery. In Pohnpei they believe that jealousy or greed towards others was the same as sending a curse”(ward 2005). Pohnpei is a society in which cooperation and being humble are key values of life. The Islander are still human though , they believe that hidden feelings are causes of bad fortune. The author claims scientifically she can not prove the were the victims of sorcery but the most problems including stepping on toads, losing items, and nightmares all occurred at this time. Its was believed that Sohn Alpet threw feast to rid the two of the curses but he never spoke of it. Martha Ward He says he was too good of a Christian which...



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