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本文讨论IT的各个方面,在Modmeters公司拥有全球扩张,并提供直接面向客户销售的两种策略规划。betway必威彩票投注IT的作用是在Modmeters的扩张计划非常重要。各部门的管理人员召开会议,确定了扩大预算要求。该计划是在亚洲和东欧建立新工厂,其中基础设施不足以需要在Modemeters操作。Brian Smith的,Modmeters的CIO担心这两项举措的IT资金非常差。该公司从betway必威彩票投注未投入再造现有系统,相反,他们总是在引进其他顶级的新系统。约翰·约翰逊,CEO想改变公司作为MM的名字为这个更新的策略。betway必威彩票投注目前的预算水平,在该公司不打算支持扩张计划。betway必威彩票投注出人意料的是,只有2%的收入被分配给它。据布赖恩,IT预算的80%,固定运行在现有的系统和修正错误。 The remaining 20% was allotted based on ROI, where majority of the budget was used by manufacturing department, Human resources and marketing departments having minor share. Brian believed that this kind of budgeting is not effective for their new business strategies (McKeen & Smith, 2012). Brian explains the need to implement flexible systems to support the updated strategies. He stresses on the budget requirements to buy new infrastructure and problems with the existing systems. The systems are not integrated and use different terminologies in different divisions. IT needs investment for infrastructure, underlying processes and to manage the information. However, the outcomes of the budget meeting after having a long discussion were to prioritize the IT projects depending up on their contribution to the key objectives of the company and also how each of them is adding value to the Modmeters.


一个IT规划流程需要发展,以满足新项目的需求。首先,IT架构必须被改变,使得系统可以灵活地使用。所有部门应使用类似的术语来管理信息,并与其他部门沟通。数据字典需要发展来解决术语的问题。它应该是参与了Modmeters决策。企业架构需要开发得到它的最好的。虽然,我接受的是IT项目应在投资回报率来衡量,在Modmeters目前的情况是不同的。该系统永远不会重新设计和系统之间的通信看起来像意大利面条,其中每个系统的故障可能导致彻底失败。有必要投资改善考虑投资的长期优势的架构。在IT和业务应在发展现有业务的共同目标。 The needs of the manufacturing, marketing, R&D and HR need to be understood and allocate the budget accordingly. Identify the core competencies of IT and a cost-benefit analysis should be made for the projects. The business employees’ opinions should be taken in using technologies. The key business staff needs to be identified and made account managers. They should present their findings to the top management so that, the governance body can look for interoperability of the systems. In the IT vision, guiding principles should be developed which links the business strategies. Meanwhile, existing business requirements and operations should be addressed as a continuous process. A departmental approach should be...




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