话题:特殊教育,教育类,心理学 页面:1(365字) 出版:2011年9月15日
9月9日星期五,我能够观察第三年级和四年级的特殊教育教室,这个课堂是独立的,我有机会浏览一个学生IEP。我学到了很多关于IEP的,这是一个由专家团队设计的书面计划,描述了孩子需要改进的任何残疾。他们有一个有助于孩子的需求的位置服务。IEP是孩子需要接受特殊教育服务的第一步。如果需要,IEP每年一次或一段时间更新一次。我们可以在IEP中找到的一些材料是儿童的年度目标,他们被置于一个短期内的目标和表演。语音服务,物理治疗或职业治疗等相关服务或密集型服务。所有这些服务都是基于孩子的需求,而且他们还包括服务日将开始,他们将多久为孩子提供帮助,其中包括时间以及它如何参与这些服务。这时我没有个人开发IEP;however, I have implemented the accommodations and modification under the supervision of special education teacher instruction for example, redirecting a student’s attention when the student is off task, getting eye contact before giving directions, repeating to the student so they can better understand what is expected of them, simplifying directions for them into short phrases also demonstrating the task before proceeding with the work, providing verbal praise when the student complies with the directions, does a good job, completes work, when given a test allowing the student as much time as need to finish the test, braking down task into manageable units such as reducing written task. All this modification and accommodation we place in order to help and follow the IEP requirements for each student. I think all that I learned on Friday, about IEP’s is...



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